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Shoe Care

There is a very old proverb-A man is known by his shoes. And till this age the statement stands correct. And we are here to maintain your shoe and keep it shining. You can order from a wide selection of shoe polishes and brush, as well as shoe creams. We stock products from reputed brands. 

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Rs.78.00 Rs.76.00
Shines, Nourishes, Protects, To Use: Remove dust from shoes. Invert bottle and press sponge applicator against the shoe. Wait for polish to come on the surface. Spread using light stroke. Shake well before use, Unique angled neck for easy application..
Rs.68.00 Rs.65.00
Cherry Blossom Dark Tan Liquid Shoe Polish shines polishes and offers a dark tan shine on the shoe that restores the look of leather shoes or boots. It can clean, shine or protect roughly any type of footwear. It has extraordinary oil for leather in ..
Rs.50.00 Rs.48.00
Cherry Blossom White Cleaner Polish shines polishes white canvas shoes and reinstates their look. It has a sponge applicator at the end. This polish can polish, protect or dirt free almost any type of footwear. It is the broad, wealthy white cleaner ..
Rs.55.00 Rs.54.00
Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish - Black is traditional polish. It will give hygienic look to your shoes. It will make your shoe efficient and spotless shines and shields soft Black Leather and flammable. It produces a long lasting silky shine. It defends ..
Cherry Blossom Dark Tan Shoe Polish shines, encourages & care for the shoes. It is also perfect for polishing the leather tops of hunting boots. Cherry Blossom Dark Tan is excellence based shoecare which give polish and appear first-class...
Cherry Blossom Sponge - Handy Shine shines polishes and renovates the look of leather shoes or boots. The handy shine direct sponge has sponge applicator at the end...
Kiwi Sport Shoe cleaner prepared from specially selected ingredients to remove dirt from the sports shoes easily. For use on the entire types and colors of sport shoes and other finished leather items such as bags, jackets, back packs etc. This clean..
Kiwi Wax Rich liquid polish now has special oil for leather in addition to a mix of the premium waxes from across the world. It provides additional shine with color to shoes and nourishes the leather. Unique long-term 2 layer sponge with controlled d..
Kiwi Express Shine Instant Shoe Shine Sponge Black gives a brilliant shine in an instant for shoes and boots. The clear shine liquid makes a fresh shine every time. The color in the sponge gives a hint of color. It includes Clear Shine liquid without..
Kiwi Neutral Express Shine Instant Shine Sponge is a brilliant shine in an instant for shoes and boots. It's a clear-shine liquid for a new shine every time. A color-in sponge gives a hint of color. No buffing. No mess...
Kiwi Black Shoe Polish contains a time-honored combination of quality waxes that protect and nurture leather and produce a enduring, silky shine. It provides better staining and scuffs coverage...
Kiwi Dark Tan Shoe Polish, to cover up your shoes with the enduring dark ran which is a quality based shoe care. It has been enriched with an exclusive combination of genuine vegetable and natural waxes turpentine oil that delivers the final shine wh..
Kiwi Shoe Shine Brush is 100% horsehair brush is a top superiority brush finished of soft, natural bristles set in a powerful wooden handle. It buffs fast and easily...
Kiwi Shoe Shine Brush is a top quality brush completed of soft, natural bristles set in a sturdy wooden handle. Buffs quickly and simply...
Kiwi Shoe Whitener keeps your white shoes looking like new whenever you wear them. It has an advanced polymer and whitening agent to assist older shoes look like new. It planned to cover evenly with no streaks or chalky residue. It's for white leathe..
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