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Foils and Tissues

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Hindalco Freshwrapp Aluminium Foil is a very hygienic medium for wrapping, covering, storing, sealing and baking of food products. It maintains the Cakes, bread and sandwiches spongy and fresh, cut meat and fish can be wrapped and stored in refrigera..
Hindalco provides pure aluminum foil wrap with rust proof metal. It is best to be wrapped your food stuffs with the preferred color foils that maintain them fresh and hygienic for longer...
Hindalco Freshwrapp Aluminum Foil is a long length for longer usage and extremely hygienic. It contains proper thickness to retain helps and freshness in wrapping, covering, storing, baking and sealing. It keeps your food fresh & hot for a long time...
Hindalco Fresh Wrapp Standard Aluminium foil is an extremely hygienic medium for covering, wrapping, storing, baking and sealing of food products. It withstands extreme cold and high heat, making it perfect for all from grilling to freezer storage. I..
Hindalco Fresh wrap Aluminum foil is a extremely hygienic medium for wrapping, covering, sealing, storing and baking of food products. It keeps bread, cakes and sandwiches fresh and soft, cut meat and fish can be wrapped and stored in refrigerator. I..
Hindalco presents pure aluminum foil wrap with rust proof metal cutter inbuilt. Just wrap up with aluminum foil to maintain your food soft & fresh. It has 290 mm with rust proof cutter Hindlaco super wrap 9 meters Length -eco friendly...
Premier Aluminum Foil ensures fresh and hygienic wrapping up your food stuffs, that proved to be sustaining its freshness for a prolong period of the time. Premier Fresh and Healthy Aluminium Foil come ensuring the features like High-temperature ster..
Premier Kitchen Towel Foils and Tissues
Rs.250.00 Rs.200.00
Easy to use, just rip out a piece of perforated sheet and be ready to wipe out any spilled water or any dirt on your kitchen slab. You can use it for wiping and cleaning your kitchen or keep it in handy to wipe your hands as well. They soak up water ..
A quality product from Premier...
Premier Royal Soft Napkins has the greater mixture of additional softness and high strength so they are more gentle, non-irritating and do not tear simply during usage. It has a dust control film which guarantees one-at-a-time sheet for hygienic disp..
Premier toilet rolls are completed of imported virgin paper. It is completed from renewable plantation fiber and certified fiber, making it a first-rate environmental choice. These roll is utilized at hospitals, housekeeping, hotels, and institutions..
Premier Royal 2 Ply Toilet Tissues which are best to be used in serving the needs or supplies in your toilet. This tissue which are finest to be utilized in serving the needs or requirements in your toilet. Stay spotless, stay fresh utilize the squas..
Premier Serviette will conveniently undertake all your meal time messes and are also mild on skin and hands. Utilize the best quality Premier Serviette, the best of its type with the soft texture that provides your need on dissimilar ways. These Napk..
Premier Toilet Tissues Roll provides practical and effectual solutions for wash rooms. It simply dissolves in water. It is finished of 100% virgin pulp which makes it the finest in quality. These rolls are generally used in different homes, hotels an..
Paper Napkin Foils and Tissues
Rs.40.00 Rs.35.00
Paper napkins are the perfect for any party event Whether you are hosting a luncheon or a evening soiree, you'll find the right napkins at Paper Style. These are super soft, high quality and comfort to use...
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