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Glass Drain & Other Cleaners

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Colin Glass Cleaner not simply removes dust and dirt but moreover gives two times extra Shine than usual cleaners across shiny & glass surfaces. It is great for Glass Window, Fridge, Mirrors, TV, Kitchen Cabinet, Oven and Furniture and so on...
Colin Glass Cleaner has a 2x shine booster formula that powerfully clears glass of every unnecessary particles. It contains anti-dust additives that keep glass free from grime accumulation longer and anti-mist additives for that fog-free clarity. ..
Rs.72.00 Rs.71.00
Mr. Muscle Glass Cleaner not only eliminates dirt and dust but also offers 2 times more Shine than regular cleaners across glass & shiny surfaces...
Mr. Muscle Dranex cleans blocked drainpipes and melts kichen grease,hairs,food wasteges,etc...
Rs.90.00 Rs.88.00
Mr. Muscle Kitchen Cleaner is a great formulation which takes out tough dirts, grease and grime whilst killing germs along the way. It is personally formulated to simply tackle tough kitchen grease and grime rapidly and effortlessly...
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