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Local Festival sweets

Grocery Items for local festivals
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Almond/Badam Californian Dry Fruits
Rs.630.00 Rs.567.00
Almonds are light brown skinned, tough, edible seeds of the almond fruit. They have a wealthy yet subtle bitter-sweet flavor. These are assets of nutrients, especially protein, dietary fibre, mono-unsaturated fatty acids and B complex vitamins. Also,..
Almond/Badam Californian (Extra Bold) Dry Fruits
Rs.680.00 Rs.565.00
American Almonds are delicious alone as a nutritious snack, and they are a prime ingredient in home kitchens and in food manufacturing. It enhances virtually every food they grace with their distinctive taste and satisfying crunch. It is one of the m..
Almonds offers
Rs.300.00 Rs.210.00
Rs.69.00 Rs.65.00
Basmati rice is a long-grained range of rice native to India. These are rigid, white, thin and long grains that contain a characteristically fragrant aroma. Basmati rice comparatively includes less sugar content. In general, Basmati rice is high in c..
Best Premium - Basmati Rice offers
Rs.1,000.00 Rs.800.00
Best Premium Basmati Rice is a perfect blend of quality & taste.Best Premium is the extra long Basmati rice. Every grain of it brings out a distinct aroma & become fluffy, thin, long & non sticky. It is an extra ordinary variety of rice h..
Best Rice - Special daily Use
Rs.750.00 Rs.455.00
Best Special is everybody’s delight & serves up a great value meal. It consists of fine grains which are rich in taste & makes any dish delicious...
Cadbury Cranberry brings to you the smooth, good and intense experience of Bournville Fine Dark chocolate. Cadbury take best cocoa beans sourced from the Ghana grind and roast them with utmost care, to offer each bar of Bournville its characteristic ..
Cadbury Bournville Fine Dark Chocolate, Nut Chocolates and Raisin are yummy, good and sweet in taste...
Cadbury Temptations is a premium chocolate in Almond Treat flavour...
Enjoy the taste over your favourite Cadbury Dairy Milk Crackle Chocolate. Get to leave crazy with the juicy taste of crackle chocolate prepared with milk...
Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk, has been specifically formulated to cater to Indian consumers' desire for softer, creamier and better chocolate. A instant of pure magic...
Dairy Milk Silk is sweetening up your flavor buds with the very rich blend of Milk, Fruits and Nuts...
Cadbury Dairy Milk Roast Almond block is a yummy combination of roast almonds blended with milk chocolate, favourite Dairy Milk...
Rs.220.00 Rs.205.00
Daawat biryani basmati rice is a good quality rice grains collection which offers a whole new experience of eating biryani with each and every grain. The long-grained fragrant basmati rice is layered with perfectly marinated meat and then assorted fl..
Daawat Dubar Basmati Rice is a better long grain aromatic basmati rice of approximately 1/2 of the size of complete grain. It is one of the most excellent rice that can be used for prepare special dishes...
Dry Coconut/Khopra/Gadi..
Rs.190.00 Rs.186.00
Haldiram Gulab Jamun is spongy cottage cheese dumplings with cardamom flavored sugar syrup. Gulab Jamuns are one of the mainly celebrated dessert dishes in India. Try serving gulab jamuns slightly hot with vanilla ice cream. It is a large dessert for..
Rs.65.00 Rs.64.00
Haldirams Mixture is prepared by using very well quality of ingredients like peanuts, poha, bengal gram, besan flour. It has high-quality taste. It will be supplied with tea time. Mouth Watering mix of fried Indian snacks...
Haldiram Panchratan Mixture is made of different ingredients which add additional flavor to the snack. It is made of mixed flavor of sour and sweet rice flakes, potato sticks and dry fruits. It contains fiber, protein, iron and calories. It is a nutr..
Get to taste the blend of all highly spiced and salted mouth pleasure namkeens altogether in a form of Haldiram All In One. ..
Haldirams Aloo Bhujia is prepared from potatoes and special spice, this snack has a nice highly spiced flavour. The tastes enormous with any food you have. Carry a small suitable pack to your office and have something to munch on when hungry. Haldir..
Haldirams Moong Dal is made by using excellence of moong and other elements. And it has high-quality taste and smell. This all time favourite salted snack is prepared of fried moong lentils. The crispy and crunchy, it tastes enormous with any food yo..
Haldirams Namkeen - Peanut Salted (Del)..
Rs.190.00 Rs.180.00
Haldirams Rasgulla is a delectable sweet, which is most popular in North Indian side mainly in Bengali side. It is very soft, spongy balls of cottage cheese soaked in chilled sugar syrup...
Haldiram Soan Papdis are softer and tastier that gives a delectable taste as soon as you keep them inside your mouth. Soan papdi is an ideal for gifting or sweetening your every single occasion with great happiness. Haldiram is a popular brand of del..
Holi Colours Krishna Arrowroot Gulal/Red Holi
Rs.20.00 Rs.18.00
Holi Colours Krishna Arrowroot Gulal/Red..
Rs.200.00 Rs.192.00
India Gate classic is an exotic class of Basmati. It embodies all the attributes of a true Basmati rice Grain. It is pearl white grain, smooth, extra long and extra fine. It will be an important part of all quality rice recipes and on your platter to..
Lay'S Maxx With Maxx Taste & Maxx Crunch, Now In India Lay'S Maxx Is A Unique Differentiated Chip With Maxx Ridges, Maxx Crunch And Maxx Flavours ..
Lays American Style Cream & Onion Flavour Potato Chips are excellent, with a good crispness, minor crunch and extremely nice, fairly mild sour cream and onion taste. This is a fast recipe to flavor it up more, arrange chips on a plate, spread som..
Lays Classic Potato Chips Salted is a crusty and salty. It is extremely thin and finished of potatoes, sunflower oil and salt. They are entirely shaped, salted and complete in a very crispy form. The chips are entirely coated with salt, the chips are..
Lay's Hot and Sweet Chilli Potato Chips is prepared with best quality potatoes. These chips get the best of both worlds with a dash of sugary and a pinch of spice for that irresistible Caribbean flavor...
Lay's India's Magic Masala Potato Chips flavour appears from the heart of India. This taste combining all the spices, this packet of chips captures the appealing taste of India. Spice up your moments with this taste...
Lays India's Magic Masala Potato Chips flavor like a wonderful union of spicy masala curry and potato chips. It contains additional flavour (natural and nature equal flavouring substances). It is appropriate for vegetarians and no added MSG. It is tr..
Lays Spanish Tomato Tango is free from Tran's fats and is cooked in good health oil. It is appropriate for vegetarians as it is prepared of tomato. This particular type of chips is prepared from the natural flavoring agent...
Delicious and nutritious beans. Buy now at !..
Maida is considered as bleached flour that has less protein compare to unbleached. It is an ideal blend of smooth and tough wheat. This flour is Bleached flour has less protein than unbleached. It is a extremely finely milled flour used in Indian coo..
Munakka offers
Rs.150.00 Rs.120.00
Rs.240.00 Rs.220.00
Pistachios are tiny and delicious nuts enclosed in shells. These are an outstanding and rich tasting nut. It as they are sometimes called are well-liked because of their little size, green colour and simple to open shells...
Rs.130.00 Rs.120.00
Rajma White/Chitra..
Sugar offers
Rs.48.00 Rs.40.00
Sugar is completed from sugar cane...
WeikField Custard Powder Aamras...
WeikField Custard Powder Vanilla Flavour...
Rs.65.00 Rs.63.00
Lentil "Vada" deep fried & soaked in yogurt. Topped with tamarind sauce & garnished with popular Indian spices...
A speciality of Western Indian, State of Gujarat. Khaman Dhokla is a popular traditional snack made from fermented chick pea batter...
Rs.65.00 Rs.63.00
A traditional popular favourite North Indian sweet made by thickening milk in open pan. This can be enjoyed as it is or as accompaniment with crisp Jilebies...
Rs.85.00 Rs.83.00
A speciality sweet of Bengal in North East India made from Indian cottage cheese, boiled in sugar syrup, soaked in thickened milk, garnished with Saffron & dry fruits...
Rs.40.00 Rs.39.00
An alternative to the spicy steamed semolina cake rice-lentil, Idli Rava Idli is made from semolina, tempered with spices, blended with yoghurt & steamed...
A rich Indian sweet traditionally made out of evapourated desiccated milk, stuffed with assorted nuts, fried and soaked in sugar syrup...
Some of the best Indian vegetarian cuisine is made by combining Paneer (traditional Indian cottage cheese) with vegetables especially fresh, tender green peas. A gourmets delight, Matar Paneer originated from the Punjab (Land of Five Rivers) in North..
Originating from the kitchen of the Maharaja of Orchreal way back in 1899, Palak Paneer combines fresh spinach and cottage cheese (ricotta) in a creamy curry. A vegetarian dish from the lush green fields of Punjab. "The Land of the Five Rivers", this..
The original fast food of Bombay, Pau Bhaji literally means bread and mixed vegetables. The "bhaji" i.e. mixed vegetables is a medley of spices and herbs cooked to perfection in large pats of butter and garnished with coarsely chopped fresh coriander..
An Indian sweet preparation traditionally made out of evaporated milk blended with wheat flour, fried & soaked in sugar syrup...
Holi Colours Krishna Arrowroot Gulal/Blue Holi
Rs.20.00 Rs.18.00
Holi Colours Krishna Arrowroot Gulal/Blue..
Rakesh Arrowroot Gulal/Green Holi
Rs.25.00 Rs.22.50
Rakesh Arrowroot Gulal/Green..
Holi Colours Rakesh Arrowroot Gulal/Pink Holi
Rs.25.00 Rs.22.50
Holi Colours Rakesh Arrowroot Gulal/Pink..
Holi Colours Rakesh Arrowroot Gulal/Red
Rs.25.00 Rs.22.50
Holi Colours Rakesh Arrowroot Gulal/Red..
Holi Pichkari Pump Small Holi
Rs.30.00 Rs.22.00
Holi Pichkari Pump Small..
Rs.60.00 Rs.55.00
Holi Water Gun /Pichkari Fish Small..
Rs.60.00 Rs.55.00
Holi Water Gun /Pichkari Pestol ..
Holi Water Gun /Pichkari Pestol Small Holi
Rs.40.00 Rs.35.00
Holi Water Gun /Pichkari Pestol Small..
Rs.70.00 Rs.65.00
Holi Water Gun /Pichkari Pistol Small..
best buy fresh kabuli chana online grocery store in Fresh and tasteful product with great nutritional fact produced in traditional manner to serve with fresh taste and quality...
Lijjat Papad - Moong has rich aroma and flavor of the moong and made by good quality of moong dals. It is very delicious and spicy, it make them perfect for serving in festive parties. it also works for good digestion of food...
Rs.82.00 Rs.77.00
Lijjat papad -punjabi masala are prepared from real punjabi masala flavoured and urad dal floor. Fry in oil OR roast in open flame makes them fluffy and crunchy...
Rs.64.00 Rs.63.00
With the traditional form of making papad and with the goodness of taste. Delicious and hygienic papad making the digestion of food proper. Lijjat urad papad provides an extra zing to your regular papad. It is typically provided a..
Nur Jahan Premium Basmati Rice Holi
Rs.189.00 Rs.105.00
Nur Jahan Premium Basmati Rice..
soft and smooth quality product urad dal - quality in taste - online grocery product dal -avail free home delivery  ..
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